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Do you have questions about our credit repair service? You are in the right place. Here is the selection of our most FAQs. If you can’t find the solution to your issues, don’t hesitate to call us.

Q: How I Can I Use Your Service and What Do You Need From Me To Get Started?

A: First, visit our site and sign up. In just a matter of minutes, you will get an email with simple instructions on how we can get started, but basically here is what we require upon signup.

• Social Security Number
• Copy of your Driver’s License
• Login Information for *This is a must*
• Proof of address (Utility Bill, Bank statement, etc)

This information can be provided by simply replying to the email you receive from us upon signup, or uploading it to our web portal. (You will receive login instructions within 24 hours to the portal)

Q: What Are The Fees Involved?

A: It’s $99.95 to get the service started however you will not be billed until we complete the first round of letters for you. After the initial $99.95, you will then be billed the following months the $99.95 dollars on the same day of the initial signup. It is also important to note that in order for us to keep up with the current changes in your credit, we have made it our policy to require credit monitoring service for each client. The credit monitoring service costs $21.99 and runs concurrently with the monthly service cost of $99.95. You have the option of choosing 2 of our preferred monitoring services. IdentityIQ or PrivacyGuard. We strongly recommend IdentityIQ because it easily imports into our system, and they generate reports at much faster rate than any other service we know. The more uptodate we are with the changes on your credit, the more we can do to properly followup on our disputes.

Q: What Are Included In Your Credit Repair Services?

A: Our credit service takes account of a thorough assessment of your report to see the problems which are harming your credit, personalized, powerful credit score enhancement tips as well as ongoing dispute letters delivered to the credit agencies to fight out of date, erroneous as well as questionable items. Every client will also be enrolled into our Credit Academy.

Q: What is Credit Academy?

A: Credit Academy is an educational email campaign that we have developed to help educate our clients about the importance of credit. Credit is one of the building blocks to success. Every week, our client will receive an email sent to their inbox with important relative information regarding credit, and what to do with it. We also answer important questions that pertain to building credit.

Q: What Makes Our Company Unique?

A: Most credit repair companies take an automated approach to fixing errors. When you hire us, we take a unique approach and create a plan specific to your goals. Part of the reason why we are so successful is because we have no problem refusing our services to people who do not need the services to begin with.

Q: When Would I See The Outcomes?

A: Our credit report process is very effective. We start quickly and keep up a steady pace all through your membership. Once your register today we must have your initial round of argument letter out in a week. And the fact that the credit agencies have 30 days to process the disputes, you typically see results in a little over a month.

Q: Are Results Guaranteed?

A: Results are never guaranteed. We do our best when we write these letters to speak on your behalf to get the best results in the least amount of time. We do offer a 90-day Money-Back Guarantee to anyone who is frustrated because they see no results. The clause on this is that they must have absolutely no results. We take more time than other repair companies to write letters and provide a personalized service. It’s only fair that if the work we put in, brings no results, to give you back your hard earned money.

Q: What is the benefit of a three credit bureau report and monitoring service?

A: Three bureau report or known as 3 in 1 reports are easy and fast for you to obtain and permit us to make a right analysis, which takes account of side by side comparison to know discrepancies between agencies that are often revealing of errors. The service is mandatory, because we need to be able to see your changes on a month to month basis. Uploading letter responses that you receive from creditors can be a hassle, with credit monitoring, there’s no need to send us the response letters.

Q: May I Know the Items You Dispute at a time.

A: We dispute three to six items at a time per bureau. Our schedules are made to give the best result in a short span of time. The number of items depends on the difficulty of the work being performed. If you dispute too many items at any given time, this throws “red flags” to the bureaus and they will not take you seriously.

Q: How long does the plan last?

A: Everyone’s case is diverse; however the average client is with us for 5-7 months. The extent of the program depends on many factors or items on the report that have to be disputed.

Q: Can You Aid with Remaining Debt?

A: We always check every account to know the preciseness of the reporting; however our program doesn’t give a remedy for legitimate credit. We don’t give negotiation and settlement services.

When you decide to make a settlement offer, we might be capable of giving guidance; however, we don’t communicate straight with collectors or creditors. In case you have a considerable debt problem, you may need to address it before getting our service.